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Prompli's mission is two-fold: Make it easy to build a better pledge drive FAST and develop the first comprehensive performance metrics for pledge. Prompli was created by pledge drive expert Mike Wallace at Public Radio Revenue with input from 25 public broadcasting stations. It is designed to be fast, flexible and intuitive. Patent-pending technology makes it easy to build breaks for an entire drive from scratch in minutes.

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You’re still using pitch cards? 

Stop printing (and reprinting) those pitch cards. Create electronic ones with Prompli.


You deserve a break.

Patent-pending technology in Prompli lets you build your entire drive in minutes! Custom APIs allows you to track results in real time. Advanced analytical tools helps you identify fundraising best practice.



Pledge Producers

You’ve already got a lot on your plate. With Prompli, you’ve got the power to build your entire campaign in minutes. No joke! Update break plans on the fly … share plans with your pitch team … and track results. Get it done with Prompli, you Pledge Drive Rockstar, you!


Track revenue, new gifts, monthly contributions and more without having to step foot in the studio (unless you like it in there).

Large Teams

Keep everyone in the loop, schedule pitch shifts, distribute break plans and share results with your entire team. Piece of cake!

Small Teams

Let Prompli do the heavy lifting by building your entire on-air plan in minutes. Now you’ve got time to figure out how many pounds of coffee to order for the studio.

Content Providers

Whether you’ve got a few listeners or thousands, Prompli makes it easy to ask listeners to support your program or podcast. Test different appeals, create custom materials for affiliates and track results across multiple campaigns and episodes.

As of December 2017:


Prompli users


pledge breaks built


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Gifts to stations

Keep tabs on your campaign and share results on the go. Smart!

Prompli could be the best addition to pledge drives since the beginning of pledge drives! It’s extremely user-friendly and intuitive, so it’s quite easy to learn how to program and to navigate. As far as its efficacy and efficiency are concerned, it is as good as it gets…especially because you can make changes in a split second should you choose to. But there’s more! Mike Wallace is a superb teacher and is always at the ready to assist when needed…and he does so – always with a smile!

– Bonnie Berman, WLRN/Miami